Vice President calls to ensure the rights of labourers

Vice President Faisal Naseem has called to ensure the rights of labourers and to establish a safe environment for them. The vice president made the remarks at the ceremony held to inaugurate the clinic and pharmacy established in Thilafushi in Kaafu Atoll.

Speaking at the ceremony, Vice President Naseem said every company must take care of the workers and ensure protection for them. Highlighting critical incidents have occurred due to negligence towards labourers, the vice president appealed to be protective of the staff. He also appealed to ensure safety regulations are followed in industrial works.

Moreover, speaking at the ceremony, Managing Director of Greater Male' Industrial Zone Limited Ibrahim Rasheed Abubakuru stated it is important to have health facilities in a place where over 3,000 individuals work every day. He also expressed concerns in the delay of the inauguration of the facilities.

Furthermore, speaking regarding the clinic and the pharmacy, operator of the establishments, Managing Director of F&C Private Limited Mohamed Faaiz revealed specialists as well as general doctors will be consulting in the clinic.