Gateway International school rebrands to BrightWay

Hulhumale' Gateway International School has re-branded to Bright-way International School and begins works to adapt to a Singapore model school. Legal procedures have been completed to re-brand the school and revealed it will be completed for the academic year 2019, according to Gateway International School.

Speaking to PSM news, Managing Director of Qualitat Education, which runs Gateway International School in Hulhumale, Moosa Rasheed stated the school decided to bring the changes to cater the demands of the parents after analysing previous experiences. Moosa Rasheed expressed hope to provide a quality education from the Bright-way International School.

Moreover, Moosa Rasheed said the pre-school grades will then be adapted to the national syllabus of Singapore, assuring to include Dhivehi, Quran, Islam and Arabic language components. Furthermore, Moosa Rasheed highlighted the re-branding was focused to make students more productive and talented.

Noting Bright-way International School will serve as the number one school in science and information technology, he said plans are underway to establish tools and facilities for Lego and robotics, martial arts and other sessions.

The school is being re-branded by Singapore Irsyad Trust Limited, which runs many schools in Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries. This is the second school of Singapore Irsyad Trust Limited in Maldives.