MPL reveals India will deliver perishable goods to Addu

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) Mohamed Wajeeh Ibrahim has announced that India will begin permanently delivering perishable goods to Addu City starting in July.

In a social media post, Wajeeh explained the new service is a collaboration between MPL and Hithadhoo Port Limited. He said that the service will be launched on July 1 and operated by Indian-based Finesse Group, the largest importer of fruits and vegetables in the Maldives. He said the new service will run year-round without interruption. He also said that the shipments are scheduled to arrive every 10-15 days.

Previously, MPL provided the service only on specific days, while importing goods from Male' City during the rest of the year. These trips typically carried items like eggs, onions, potatoes, vegetables, and fruits. The new vessels utilised will also be capable of transporting other food items and general cargo from India to the residents of Addu.

In addition to the new permanent service, Maldives State Shipping (MSS) will continue its operations, carrying perishable goods between Addu and Male'. MSS brings goods from abroad to Male' and then transports them to Addu, ensuring a steady supply of essentials.