Muli Airport development nearing completion

Muli Island Council has announced that the airport development project of Muli, Meemu Atoll, is nearing completion, affirming that airport services will commence this year.

Meemu Atoll, consisting of eight inhabited islands, is one of the few atolls of the nation in which an airport has not been established. Therefore, the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) was awarded the contract for the airport development project, with the practical work of the project kicking off in October 2021.

Providing an insight on the project to PSM News, Vice President of Muli Council Ahmed Shakif stated that the airport developmental project would serve as a transformative undertaking for the island, revealing that the project was nearing completion. Consequently, asphalt had been laid on the runway whereas 90% of the airport terminal was nearly completed.

Shakif proclaimed that the establishment of an airport would be a significant convenience for the inhabitants of the atoll, particularly for those visiting the island frequently for travel and healthcare purposes.

Muli Airport will be developed on the 40ha land reclaimed in 2018. The airport will be established with a 1200m long runway with a width of 30m along with a taxi-way and an airport apron under the project with its value exceeding USD14 million.