Thilamale' bridge project continues expeditiously : President

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has underscored the expedited progress of Thilamale' bridge project within 5 months into his presidential term. He delivered these remarks addressing the media, following his visit to the site.

Despite initial setbacks, efforts are currently underway to expedite the project in light of the inauguration of the new administration, as the project is heavily people-centric.

Providing insights into project progress, President Muizzu revealed 36% of the project to be fully commenced. He further emphasised that there has been a substantial improvement of 7% compared to the previous administration.

The government aims to finalise the Thilamale' Bridge project by either the end of 2025 or 2026, stating that the current administration is diligently pursuing the completion of the project three months earlier than the time when the government assumed power. Additionally, President confirmed that over 300 elements were cast into the superstructure.

Moreover, President Muizzu reaffirmed the substantial advancements made following his tenure and that the primary aim is to complete all the developments projects expeditiously.