Policies are aimed at restoring public healthcare sector: Health Minister

Minister of Health Abdulla Ameen has expressed the health policy of the administration is intended to restore a strong public healthcare sector in the country.

Addressing at the function held to mark the Golden Jubilee of the inauguration of health services in Baa Atoll, Health Minister Ameen conferred the achievements made by the health sector to the endless efforts of public healthcare workers. He said restoring a dependable system which served in declaring Maldives free from Malaria, Filaria and Measles will be a remarkable change brought to the sector.

The health minister mentioned principles of the health sector manifesto, pledges of the president on health sector and the achievements of the health sector are based on the tremendous efforts of the public healthcare workers.

Moreover, the minister stated one main aim of the president's health policy is to minimise the burden of the citizens in attaining adequate healthcare services. In addition, he said efforts are exerted to eliminate the dependency on the capital city for acceptable healthcare services, noting researches are being done to identify the services available in Male' which are not available in the islands.

On conclusion, the health minister noted Baa Atoll Hospital is an example that development can be achieved despite challenges.