UNICEF Regional Director pays a courtesy call on First Lady

UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia Jean Gough has paid a courtesy call on First Lady Fazna Ahmed.

The first lady and the regional director conversed on the prospect of increasing collaboration with regard to child protection and children's equitable access to services and mechanisms designed to ensure their safety. The regional director highlighted sports as an area in which children often learn important life-lessons, such as teamwork and being graceful in both victory and defeat.

Accordingly, Jean Gough strongly recommended to incorporate sport into current strategies and curriculum designed to build up children's social skills. She also encouraged the first lady to continue her active role in advocating for the rights and welfare of children of all ages, in partnership with UNICEF.

First Lady Fazna stated she is keen on seeking a platform to do more social work. She further stated sports and education are areas she is interested in doing more work and that Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG) 2023, due to be held in the Maldives would provide a wonderful opportunity to become constructively engaged in these areas.

Ending the call, the first lady said she looks forward to working with the UNICEF team in the months and years ahead for the sake of child-welfare and she would be more than happy to assist in any capacity that she can.