Aim is to assist citizens in overcoming challenging livelihoods: Parliament Speaker

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has stated the aim of the administration is to increase the income of the citizens and to assist them in overcoming the challenging livelihoods.

Addressing the ceremony held to launch the Tourism Master Plan for the next five years, former president Mohamed Nasheed underlined the main aim of Agenda 19 is to generate more job opportunities. He said Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) is in power aiming for one target and one goal which will benefit the citizens.

Highlighting the whole tourism sector is dependent on tourist resorts, the parliament speaker expressed Maldivians working in the sector is depended on spending a lifetime in an island away from families. Nasheed expressed concerns for the situation, appealing the need to change the situation.

Moreover, the parliament speaker reassured the administration will succeed in establishing a beneficial tourism sector for all citizens.