Budget strains challenge initiating new projects

Minister of National Planning and Infrastructure Mohamed Aslam has stated the administration is facing challenges to initiate new projects due to budget difficulties. He claimed funds for some projects were allocated less than the required amount when the budget was passed.

Since its formation, many projects were transferred under planning ministry. The projects include 43 harbour construction projects, 19 road development projects, 53 water and sewerage facility projects, 39 water facility development projects and 12 sewerage establishment projects, 20 harbour protection projects, jetty construction in 2 islands and land reclamation in 20 islands.

Speaking at a press conference, Planning Minister Aslam stated only 36 projects have been initiated which amounts to USD 71.233 million. Meanwhile, only USD 84.185 million was allocated for infrastructure development projects in the State Budget 2019.

Minister Aslam also stated the administration will continue projects initiated by the past administration.