Maldivian youth urged to utilise skills and participate in nation development

Minister of Communications, Science and Technology Mohamed Maleeh Jamaal has called on Maldivian youth to utilise their skills and participate in nation development.

Speaking at the ceremony to mark World Youth Skills Day, Minister Maleeh Jamaal shed light on the concerns in the job market in the country. In this regard, the minister noted there have been cases reported on employees not getting a sufficient pay and the termination of employment without reason.

Furthermore, the minister also highlighted the unemployed population of the country is gradually increasing, adding it has been noted a high number of youth choose to be unemployed. Therefore, the minister urged the youth to embrace useful new skills, as per their interests, and be more involved in nation building.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Higher Education Dr. Ibrahim Hassan expressed the high number of unemployed youth is a concern for economic growth, stating the negative effects are already reflected on the economy of the country.

At the ceremony, the government inaugurated the National Entrepreneurship Programme and the Employment Sector Councils. The government plans to train 1,000 students under the National Entrepreneurship Programme.