Fenaka sends electrical generators to 10 islands

Fenaka Corporation Limited has sent electrical generators to 10 islands, as part of the efforts to solve the electricity shortages and enhance the electricity services.

Deputy Director at Fenaka Ahmed Hilmy revealed most islands face a surge in electricity use, which results in overload of the electrical generators in use. Hilmy said 1 350-kilowatt electrical generator, 6 400-kilowatt electrical generators, 2 600-kilowatt electrical generators and 1 800-kilowatt electrical generator was sent to the islands. The islands that will receive the new electrical generators are Ihavandhoo, Kendhoo, Inguraidhoo, Kurendhoo, Hirilandhoo, Gemanafushi, Maamendhoo, Vaadhoo, Madaveli and Hulhumeedhoo.

Fenaka said USD 10 million have been spent in the first half of the year to provide electricity and increase the capacity of the powerhouses across the country.