Administration will consider important advice when creating policies: Vice President

Vice President Faisal Naseem has stated the administration will consider important advice from local councils and the residents when creating policies and development programmes that affect their socio-economic status. The vice president made the statement while meeting with the members of Fuvahmulah City Council, as part of his visit to the city.

During the meeting, members of the council discussed some of the major issues and concerns pertinent to the island’s governance and socio-economic progress. They also shared their constituent's most urgent concerns on important subjects such as waste management, water and sewerage, road development as well as improvements to facilities such as healthcare, electricity network and upgrading and relocation of the powerhouse.

The councillors also reported they would like to improve the cohesion between the council's development plans and government policy, and also noted financial shortages that need to be addressed to bring those plans to fruition and requested a solution for easier acquisition and transportation of aggregates for industrial developments.

Vice President Faisal Naseem stated he would present the concerns to the relevant ministries and institutions to find pertinent solutions.

During his visit to Fuvahmulah, the vice president also visited and met with the senior officials and teachers at the Atoll Education Centre, where he listened to the recommendations and concerns regarding the operations and future of the centre. During the meeting, the vice president reiterated the commitment of the administration to the education sector, noting the largest segment of the government budget has also been allocated for education and training of Maldivians. He also beseeched all educators to help their students nurture honourable conduct and teach them important life skills and crafts in addition to their academic schooling.

The vice president also toured the Fuvahmulah Hospital and the road development project ongoing in the city before concluding his visit.