Housing Ministry fined USD 17,544 by EPA

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has fined Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure regarding 3 separate cases which showed projects were conducted negatively impacting the environment.

EPA said housing ministry conducted the project to develop the Male’ Ring Road after cutting down and removing several trees from the southern and eastern side of the capital city. The project was conducted without an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report. Therefore, the ministry was fined USD 1,295 for not conducting a prior EIA report and USD 12,365 for cutting down and removing the trees from the area, according to EPA.

Furthermore, EPA revealed the EIA report was not referred when the ministry developed the Fuvahmulah Ring Road. Therefore, the ministry was fined USD 3,884.

EPA said the ministry was fined a total of USD 17,544 in reference to Environment Protection and Preservation Act. The ministry was given a 30 day period to pay the fine.