President reiterates that all are equal under the law

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has reiterated the administration works to ensure justice for all and that all are equal under the law. The president made the remark while speaking at the function held to inaugurate the harbour of Kondey in Gaafu Alifu Atoll.
While addressing the gathering, President Abdulla Yameen stated while maintaining justice for all, the administration strives to fulfil the desires of the community. The President also noted that he believes development is a key desire of the community; stating his aim is to bring development and progress to all corners of the country.
Speaking at the function, President Yameen highlighted the relationship between development and youth and noted the youth will want revolutionary changes towards the public good. Concluding his speech, the president noted the administration had sped up the delivery of progress and reiterated his commitment to further delivering swift and meaningful change by addressing the needs of the nation.
Meanwhile, President Yameen inaugurated the harbour in Kondey Island. During the ceremony, the president unveiled the monument placed to inaugurate the harbour. The harbour in Kondey is 350 feet long and 250 feet wide.