Competition within health sector enhanced its services: Hussain Afeef

Shareholder of Treetop Hospital Hussain Afeef has revealed the competition within the health sector of Maldives is one main reason for the rapid development in the sector.
A healthy competition is needed in the sector to ensure the services are enhanced, Hussain Afeef expressed on a panel discussion aired on PSM News on the theme "My Nation, My Future." He added the competition is beneficial for the social development of the country.
Noting the health sector of Maldives has achieved remarkably by the initiatives of the government and the support from the private sector, Hussain Afeef revealed the decrease of spending to other countries for the health sector is an additional incentive for the economy of Maldives.
Moreover, Afeef highlighted previously opportunities to invest were few; expressing the number of international franchises introduced to Maldives proves the increased number of investor opportunities. He further noted Maldives has become a brand name which every citizen must be proud of.