Maldives Meteorological Service to develop weather app

Maldives Meteorological Service reveals plan to introduce a new mobile application to provide its services to the public.

In an exclusive interview with PSM News, Director-Meteorology, Ahmed Rasheed said, currently work is progressing at a fast pace to find suitable developers for the application. Noting that the application is aimed to revolutionise the services provided by the Maldives Meteorological Service, Ahmed Rasheed said, the speed of services provided would witness a major boost. Ahmed Rasheed said, the new application would provide information about changes in weather patterns.

The project funded by the Italian government includes the installation of automatic weather stations in 25 regions of the country and the development of a mobile application and a weather alert system, according to Maldives Meteorological Service. While work on installation of the automatic weather stations in 25 regions is already underway. This is expected to be complete by July.

Currently, the country utilises 20 automatic weather stations which would later be increased to 45. Furthermore, the weather alert system developed under the project would efficiently signal changes in weather patterns to the users.