Environment Minister inaugurates new RO Annex

Minister of Environment and Energy Thoriq Ibrahim has inaugurated the new water production centre, RO Annex, of Male' Water and Sewerage Company Private Limited (MWSC). The new RO plant has the capacity to produce 2,000 tonnes of water per day.
The outbreak of a fire in 2014 had caused major damages to the water network of the capital city, Environment Minister Thoriq Ibrahim stated addressing the inauguration ceremony of the new water production centre, RO Annex of MWSC. In this regard, Environment Minister Thoriq highlighted the administration has successfully brought back the water network to normalcy and expanded the services of MWSC.
The Environment Minister noted the successful work conducted by the administration in the past four years, in ensuring the uninterrupted service of supplying water. Minister Thoriq noted MWSC has currently established a water network which has the capacity to produce 27,500 cubic metres of water per day while the administration has also been successful in upgrading the water production capacity of Hulhumale' from 3,500 cubic metres to 9,500 cubic metres. The inauguration of China Maldives Friendship bridge the water security for Male', Hulhule' and Hulhumale' would be increased, according to the Minister.
The new RO Annex would increase the water back up production capacity of the capital city by 35%, Managing Director of MWSC Ibrahim Fazul Rasheed highlighted addressing the ceremony. In this regard, Ibrahim Fazul Rasheed revealed the efforts to develop the back-up mechanism is almost complete and noted the new RO plant is developed at a cost of about USD 1.9 million.