CMFB to be inaugurated with grand celebrations

Minister of Housing and Development Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has revealed, with the completion of the China Maldives Friendship Bridge, a grand and colorful ceremony would be held by both governments, for its inauguration.

In an exclusive interview with PSM News, prior to his departure to China, Minister Muizzu assured, work of the China Maldives Friendship Bridge is progressing at a fast pace, as per the given schedule. In this regard, Minister Muizzu said, the bridge would be completed and inaugurated by end of August this year.

Minister Muizzu noted, in his visit to China he would meet with high ranking Chinese officials and revealed that discussions would majorly focus on having a grand celebration to open the China Maldives Friendship Bridge. In addition, the discussions would also highlight aspects such as maintenance work on the bridge after its inauguration.