Project to develop new school in Hulhumale' progressing – HDC

Housing Development Cooperation (HDC) has revealed that 20% work on developing the N1 school in Neighborhood One of Hulhumale' has been completed.

All work on the N1 school is scheduled be completed by April 2018. This new school would have the capacity to cater to one thousand eight hundred students. Often referred to as the developmental hub of the nation, Hulhumale' currently hosts a population of approximately forty thousand. With the increase in the ward's population Housing Development Cooperation (HDC) has been exerting major developmental efforts to cater to the community. Under this aim, HDC has launched the ambitious project of developing the N1 School in Neighborhood One, of the ward.

20% of work on developing this school has been completed, Director of Projects of HDC Nawaaz Shauqee revealed. The new school which would have the capacity to cater to one thousand eight hundred students, would have 53 classrooms, equipped with latest technological conveniences. HDC revealed that halls, laboratories, audio-visual room and play grounds are being developed. The N1 School is to be specialized for primary and secondary education.

HDC aims to develop more such schools to cater to the increasing demands of the expanding population of Hulhumale'.