President to fulfill Addu development pledges: Parliamentarian Shahid

Parliamentarian for Hulhudhoo Constituency Mohamed Shahid has expressed confidence in President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's commitment to delivering on his development promises for Addu City. Shahid made these remarks during the inauguration of the People's National Congress (PNC)’s headquarters, PNC House.

During the ceremony, Shahid emphasised that President Muizzu’s pledges to Addu are not mere aspirations but concrete plans outlined in his manifesto. One of the most significant projects is the bridge connecting Hithadhoo to Hulhudhoo-Meedhoo, which is expected to begin this year. This project holds great importance for the residents of Addu.

Shahid also addressed the critical role of the Shangri-La resort in Addu's economy, noting that the government is in the final stages of negotiations to reopen the resort soon.

Regarding the ongoing protests at the Fisheries Complex in Addu, which began on June 21, Shahid acknowledged the challenges faced by fishermen. He accused the previous administration of raising fish prices to USD 1.62 per kg during the presidential election to burden the current government. Despite these difficulties, Shahid assured that the current administration is committed to paying the fishermen, even amidst significant debt.

The protests at the Fisheries Complex have led to threats of eviction for employees and disruptions to essential services such as power supply to accommodation blocks. The fishermen are demanding timely payment for their fish within 15 days of purchase.