Efforts to resolve Kanneli jetty concerns are underway: Minister

Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Resources, Ahmed Shiyam has revealed that the ministry is collaborating with the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) to address issues concerning the Kanneli Jetty in Hulhumale'.

The Bodu Kanneli Masveringe Union (BKMU) has voiced concerns about the Kanneli Jetty, noting that it is a designated area for fishermen but is currently being used by cargo ships. As such, Minister Shiyam acknowledged these concerns and emphasised the government's commitment to resolving them in partnership with HDC. He also said that the space in the lagoon is limited due to the ongoing reclamation for the third phase of Hulhumale'.

In an effort to tackle the housing crisis in the country, the government initiated land reclamation for the yacht marina development as part of the Hulhumale' master plan in September last year. The project will result in the reclamation of 63 hectares of land.