BCC signs agreement to allocate land for garment factory in Addu

Business Centre Corporation (BCC) has signed an agreement with the Addu City Council to allocate land for a garment factory in Addu City. The agreement was signed by Deputy Mayor of Addu City Council Mohamed Shuaau and Deputy Managing Director BCC Samih Adam.

The agreement aligns with President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's economic policies and supports the efforts of the BCC to advance industrial sewing in the Maldives. It also aims to create new opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across the nation.

The Minister of Economic Development and Trade had said that the goals of the BCC include reducing reliance on imported goods, generating job opportunities, and empowering women. The initiative also seeks to develop SMEs and promote large-scale economic activities throughout the Maldives.

The garment factory, spearheaded by the economic ministry, is expected to benefit Addu and the national economy, driving industrial development and enhancing economic growth both locally and nationally.