Sri Lanka confirms 90-day on-arrival visas for Maldivians

The Sri Lankan government has confirmed that Maldivians traveling to Sri Lanka will be able to obtain 90-day on-arrival visas without any additional fees.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Moosa Zameer, during an official visit to Sri Lanka, met with Minister of Public Security Tiran Alles. During the meeting, Minister Zameer expressed concerns over the recent changes in on-arrival visa issuance regulations and requested an immediate resolution to the difficulties faced by Maldivians.

The Maldives has recently revised its tourist visa policies, allowing Maldivians to obtain a 30-day on-arrival visa without prior application. For individuals wishing to stay longer in Sri Lanka, a six-month visa is available, though it incurs an administrative fee upon extension.

In response to these concerns, Minister Alles confirmed in writing that Maldivians would be granted 90-day on-arrival visas without complications, as per the visa facilitation agreement between the two countries. He also assured that a solution would be found regarding the annual visa fees for Maldivian students in Sri Lanka and addressed additional visa-related difficulties for Maldivians residing in Sri Lanka.