First Lady stresses collective efforts for everyone's food security

First Lady Sajidha Mohamed has emphasised the importance of collective efforts to ensure food security for everyone's safety. She made the remarks while speaking at a special ceremony marking World Food Safety Day.

Speaking at the ceremony, First Lady Sajidha highlighted the notable outbreaks of shigella and cholera in 1977 and 1982, which resulted in significant loss of life in the Maldives. She pointed out that these incidents were closely linked to issues in food safety.

Additionally, First Lady Sajidha outlined several measures to enhance food safety, stressing the importance of safeguarding the fisheries and agriculture sectors. She said the recent implementation of the Food Safety Act by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu as a crucial step forward.

Furthermore, First Lady Sajidha underscored the need for increased awareness about food safety, especially in a country dependent on imports. She noted that certain imported goods require specific temperature controls and handling procedures. In addition, she stressed the importance of protecting the water sources on agricultural islands, citing studies indicating that pesticides and chemicals can infiltrate the soil and contaminate the water layer.

At the ceremony, four individuals were honored with plaques for their exceptional contributions to food safety. The plaques were presented by First Lady Sajidha.