Interest surges in establishing nature parks across Maldives

Minister of Climate Change, Environment, and Energy Thoriq Ibrahim has announced that 23 individuals have shown interest in developing a nature park as part of the opportunity to establish such parks in each atoll.

Speaking at a press conference, Minister Thoriq reiterated that the development of nature parks in every atoll is a pivotal element of the present administration’s manifesto.

While the opportunity to express interest in developing nature parks was opened in late January, Minister Thoriq disclosed that 23 individuals have already expressed interest in this initiative. The ministry is currently evaluating the documents submitted by these individuals.

Furthermore, the minister stated that once the evaluation of expressions of interest (EOI) is completed, other tasks related to the development of nature parks will commence later this year.

In addition to the establishment of nature parks, the present administration is dedicated to establishing three biosphere reserves within the presidential term. So far, only one application expressing interest in establishing a biosphere reserve has been received, with the ministry currently evaluating it.

These initiatives are in line with President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's commitment to establishing nature parks in each atoll and developing three additional biosphere reserves during his term in office.