Kadhdhoo tourist area development to commence

Regional Airports Company Limited has declared that the development of a special tourist area at Kadhdhoo Airport is prepared for commencement. The airport transferred management to the Regional Airports on April 11 while an agreement with a Chinese company, CAMC, aiming to enhance Kadhdhoo Airport in Laamu Atoll.

Speaking to PSM News, Managing Director of Regional Airports Ahmed Mubeen stated that the debts incurred and the assets associated with KACL, the former operator of the airport, will be identified within a timeframe of four months. Mubeen revealed that efforts are underway to explore additional measures aimed at enhancing the development of the airport.

Highlighting the airport's poor condition, Mubeen highlighted the ongoing efforts to seek the required financial assistance to overcome the challenge. He disclosed that approximately USD2.5 million will be incurred to develop places under poor condition.

Furthermore, decisions have been made such that an area designated for tourists at Kadhdhoo Airport will be developed. Mubeen revealed plans of enhancing the 10 rooms in substandard conditions, affirming the commencement of establishing additional 20 rooms within the upcoming two months. Aiming to ensure the provision of more jet fuel from the airport, he stated that the feasibilities are currently under development. He additionally unveiled plans to establish facilities such that diesel can be obtained from the Kadhdhoo port. Land reclamation to expand the airport while safeguarding the reclaimed region have also commenced.

Kadhdhoo Airport, the first domestic airport in the country, inaugurated on December 6, 1986, has seen concerns from residents regarding discontinued development over the years. Addressing these concerns, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu assured residents that while the airport will be developed to international standards, affirming plans for the development of an airport on an additional island as well.