Kulhudhuffushi City receives two 600kW generator sets

Fenaka Corporation Limited has completed the necessary preparations in order to install two 600kW generators in Kulhudhuffushi City, with the objective of enhancing and stabilising the provision of electricity services. The corporation revealed that the two generators have been dispatched to the city and the installation is expected to commence soon, with no delays.

Fenaka disclosed that the provision of electricity has always been a huge issue, as the consumption of current is greater than that generated. As such, regular power outages for an hour between 1200hrs to 1900hrs have been observed, while posing challenges and difficulties to the residents of the city. Addressing the issue, Fenaka installed an 800kW generator on the island in a previous stance.

In addition to Kulhudhuffushi City, Fenaka dispatched genrators to 6 islands facing ongoing electricity challenges earlier this month. The corporation announced that efforts are currently underway to install them in theree islands of Raa Atoll, two islands of Baa Atoll and as well as in Burunee;Thaa Atoll. Generators have already been dispatched to islands, spanning across Baa, Raa and Meemu, Laamu and Faafu atolls respectively.

Fenaka reaffirmed that alongside the installation of new generators, it will implement a permanent solution to the electricity issues. It further highlighted that there has been a recent increase in electricity problems due to inadequate maintenance of engines.