Preparations completed to commence practical works of Dhangethi Harbour

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company has mobilised the site in preparations to commence the practical works of the project of developing the harbour of Dhangethi, Alif Dhaalu Atoll. The current harbour developed on the island has a length of 700ft and a width of 300ft.

Dhangethi is widely recognised for its extensive local tourism, with a population of 1,200 residents. While the island accommodates 18 guest houses catering to over 240 beds, the lack of development of the harbour and space constraints has posed significant challenges, given its daily usage.

Providing an insight on the developmental project to PSM News, Vice President of Dhangethi Island Council Imran Ahmed highlighted the difficulties in providing services to the ships and boats embarked due to the lack of space. He further affirmed that this obstruction will be resolved following the development of the harbour, while assiting to expand the local tourism industry within the island.

The scope of the project includes reclaiming 35,500 cubic meters of land, excavating 69,500 cubic meters from the harbour, dredging 33,600 cubic meters of canals and 7,800 cubic meters of the area designated for swimming. Additional works include constructing of a 71m outer wall, establishing a concrete bridge with a length of 35m, developing a concrete ramp with a length of 11m, developing a 3,052m pavement along with installing lights.

The project is funded by the government and is worth USD 4.6 million.