President confident in nation's development with super majority

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has expressed confidence in the nation's trajectory towards development following the securing of a super majority in Parliament. He made the remarks during a celebratory event in Artificial Beach in Male' City, marking the government's victory in the parliamentary election,

Speaking at the event, President Dr. Muizzu highlighted the imperative of steering the country away from a negative course. He underscored the significance of harnessing the collective effort of the citizens towards progress, particularly emphasising the adherence to the principles of Islam. He exuded optimism about the nation's future, citing the demonstrated commitment of the public to safeguarding independence and propelling rapid development.

Additionally, President Dr. Muizzu outlined a roadmap focused on parliamentary initiatives aimed at propelling national development. He reiterated his dedication to resolving the housing crisis, pledging to leave behind past grievances. Highlighting the strides made in revitalising the economy, he stressed the necessity of legislative action to consolidate progress.

Furthermore, President Dr. Muizzu emphasised the public's call for tangible action over rhetoric, pledging strong measures for national development. He highlighted the significance of unity and patriotic resolve in fulfilling pledges.

In conclusion, President Dr. Muizzu affirmed the right of the citizens to shape their nation's future, urging elected officials to persist in their commitment to serve. He also expressed confidence that such dedication would yield the desired outcomes for citizens.