MDP fails to defend several seats in parliament

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has suffered a huge defeat in the parliamentary elections. MDP has lost many of the seats it has been defending for years. As such, MDP has lost many constituencies they held as ruling party and as the opposition.

As such, MDP lost the seat held by Former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for 25 years until he became president which was then preceded by the incumbent parliamentarian Jeehan Mahmood. The seat is led by the candidate who contested from the ruling coalition, People's National Congress (PNC).

The sitting Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Aslam, was elected to Parliament with the highest number of votes in the history of Parliament and is a very proficient politician. As per the counted voted, Aslam is set to be defeated by PNC's candidate.

Hithadhoo Central constituency is also a seat that MDP has been defending. However, journalist Ahmed Azaan won the seat, defeating the MDP candidate and the current Deputy Mayor of Addu City.

In addition, the MDP may face losses in seats in famous constituencies. Preliminary results show that the MDP has suffered a huge defeat. However, this result may change.