Hoarafushi land reclamation project resumes

The Maldives Transport and Contracting Company Limited (MTCC) has resumed the stalled land reclamation project in Hoarafushi, Haa Alifu Atoll. This project, originally initiated by the previous administration, had faced delays since September 2023 due to issues with the dredging equipment used by MTCC.

After a prolonged hiatus, MTCC has restarted the reclamation efforts, aiming to complete the project in a timely manner. Minister of Economic Development and Trade Mohamed Saeed, along with other government officials, conducted a site visit to assess the progress and gather updated information regarding the project.

According to Deputy Managing Director of MTCC Hassan Mughnee the project initially lacked an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and did not receive a budget allocation from the previous government. However, MTCC is now rectifying these shortcomings by conducting the necessary EIA and securing the required funds for the project.

The ongoing land reclamation aims to reclaim a total of 4 hectares of land, with 85% of the work already completed. MTCC has committed to finishing the project within a month. Additionally, plans are in motion to commence phase two of land reclamation in Hoarafushi, with an agreement expected to be signed soon.

Phase two of the project will involve the development of a 3km asphalt road built to modern standards, with estimated costs exceeding USD 1.62 million. Mughnee emphasized that the project aligns directly with the needs of the island's residents and is in accordance with government policies. He also mentioned plans for the development of a picnic island, catering to the recreational needs of the populace while promoting beach conservation.

Hoarafushi, being one of the most populous islands in the northern Maldives, stands to benefit significantly from the expansion of land and improvements to infrastructure. The project will enhance accessibility for both residents and visitors, facilitating smoother transportation and fostering economic development on the island.