Delayed projects will commence and conclude this year: MWSC

Managing Director at Male' Water and Sewage Company (MWSC) Abdul Matheen Mohamed has stated all delayed projects will commence and conclude this year.

During the previous administration, MWSC was handed over about 20 projects aimed at upgrading water infrastructure and sewage systems. These projects were to be paid once fully commenced. However, when the change in government occurred , many of the projects have been stalled, resulting in difficulties for the residents.

Within a few months into the new administration, MWSC has commenced its work on all islands. Speaking on a programme aired on PSM News, Managing Director Matheen underscored that the government's primary objective was to resume the stalled projects upon assuming office. He further stated that the prior administration's failure to pay contractors and suppliers due to financial difficulties had resulted in an escalation of project costs.

Additionally, Matheen revealed ongoing work in 20 islands directed towards the development of water and sewage systems. He conveyed all initiations to be completed this year, while most of the projects to be commenced by the middle of the year. He further estimated the last project to be fully commenced latest by September.

Moreover, Matheen stated that in addition to initiating and expediting the stalled projects, MWSC's top priority has been to settle the outstanding amounts owed to the contractors.