Preparations to commence harbour development of Thinadhoo completed

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has mobilised the site to commence the practical work of the project on developing the harbour of Thinadhoo, Vaavu Atoll. The present harbour utilised in Thinadhoo was established in 2007 and requires enhancement due to the inadequate maintenance and development.

Thinadhoo is widely recognised for its extensive local tourism, despite having a modest population. Therefore, Thinadhoo City Council stated that the damages to the harbour due to the lack of development pose significant challenges, given its daily usage. In addition to the harbour, the outer wall of the port has also been damaged.

The council voiced their concerns regarding the 300ft harbour, which obstructs to cater the increasing number of tourist arrivals. Highlighting the difficulties in providing services to the ships and boats embarked as well, the council reiterated the urgency of developing the port to a modern standard. It affirmed that the development of the port will enhance local tourism while resolving obstacle faced during the clearance of goods brought through vessels.

The project of renovating the harbour of the island was entrusted to MTCC to complete within a period of 360 days. Under the project, an additional area will be added with a depth of 12,800 cubic metres, construction of a 71m outer wall, installation of a sub-jam breakwater along with the dredging of the canal such that it is 860 cubic metres deep. Additionally, decisions have been made to develop a scoring apron of 54m, install navigation lights and 59 mooring rings and other such practical works. Furthermore, the scope of the project includes the establishment of a concrete bridge and a 90 arc metre ramp, development of a 1847 arc metre pavement and installing 18 street lights.

The development of Thinadhoo's harbour is a commitment of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu which is outlined in the government's manifesto.