Land reclamation of Gulhifalhu completed as pledged by President

Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure has announced the completion of land reclamation works at Gulhifalhu, Kaafu Atoll. The announcement was made by the ministry on a social media post, which revealed that the land levelling of the island has also been completed. It further disclosed that a total of 18 million cubic meters have been pumped to reclaim land for the island.

The project of dredging land for the first phase of Gulhifalhu was entrusted to Boskalis, a company registered in the Netherlands.
While the reclaiming of the second phase was also entrusted to the same company, the land reclamation process of the second phase of Gulhifalhu commenced on July 2, 2023. The project was entrusted with a financial allocation of USD 120 million.

Initially, decisions were made to dredge 150ha of land for Gulhifalu. However, the decision was modified by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu resulting in the reclamation of additional 85ha will be reclaimed. Moreover, regardless of the previous administration's decision of allocating 2,218 land plots in Gulhifalhu, the government has determined that 1,347 land plots situated in Giraavarufalhu will be transferred to Gulhifalhu as well.