Electing development hindering parliamentarians unjustified: President

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has stated that there is no justification for electing parliamentarians that would impede the country's development. He made the remarks while speaking at a campaign event organised by the Progressive Congress Coalition in Male' City.

Speaking at the event, President Dr. Muizzu urged Male' City residents and the citizens of the Maldives to prioritise resolving housing issues in the upcoming parliamentary election. He contrasted the previous administration's late-stage initiatives with the current government's approach to tackling such challenges from day one. He pledged not to unveil projects close to the next presidential election, highlighting his commitment to addressing citizen needs from the outset of his term.

Additionally, President Dr. Muizzu underscored his administration's efforts to foster development, cautioning against granting a parliamentary majority to individuals driven by personal agendas. Stressing the importance of cooperation in national reform, he expressed gratitude for the public's trust and emphasised the necessity of supportive parliamentarians.

Furthermore, President Dr. Muizzu highlighted his dedication to progress since taking office, citing ongoing initiatives to revitalise stalled projects. He reiterated the link between peace and development, contrasting opposition rhetoric with his administration's vision of stability and advancement. He concluded by expressing optimism that with continued public support, his tenure would be marked by collective pride and progress over the next five years.