Effective land-plans formulated for Giraavarufalhu and Gulhifalhu

The previous administration introduced the Binveriyaa Scheme, in which over 9,000 individuals attained land plots. The land plots will be situated in Hulhumale' Pase II and Phase III, Gulhifalhu and Giraavarufalhu. While a total of 1,351 land plots were allocated from Hulhumale', 2,218 were entitled to ownership in Gulhifalhu and 5,432 land plots were given from Giraavarufalhu.

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu revealed that the previous government issue land plots from Giraavarufalhu and Gulhifalhu without formulating a proper land-use plan. The government further observed that several land plots were allocated amidst streets or over utility networks. Hence, President Dr. Muizzu urged to resolve the issues before handing over the designated land to their relevant owners.

Providing an insight on the previously issued land-use plans, the Director of the Ministry of Housing, Land and Urban Development Fathimath Shaheen stated that the land-use plans drawn by the previous government were against the regulations of the ministry. The plans failed to fulfil the requirements, as they failed to incorporate the mandatory green space and the required distance between industrial sites.

Differences between the initial land-use plan and the current plan of Gulhifalhu are as follows:

The ministry observed that in the previous land-use plan adopted, there was not a distance of 100 feet between areas where individuals reside and industrial areas. Highlighting that only 8% contributed to the green space, the ministry noted the lack of sport fields and parks. Entities providing basic facilities and services were also far from the places in which people reside.

However, the current land-use plan incorporates 21% designated for parks and green spaces. Schools and mosques are also to be established close to areas of residency the plan further outlines the objective of developing 70,000vehicle parking zone.

Differences between the initial land-use plan and the current plan of Giraavarufalhu are as follows:

The previous land-use plan lacked adequate areas to provide basic facilities compared to the population. The ministry further highlighted the absence of sports fields and parks in the plan, which also allocated only 8% for green space. Additionally, the ministry revealed that the plan was not approved by relevant authorities and did not consider the opinions of stakeholders. Nevertheless, the new plan ensures that 18% of the land is specialised for green space while ensuring schools and mosques were close to areas of residency. It further included 31,359 parking plots.

Initially, decisions were made to reclaim 160 hectares of land for Giraavarufalhu and 150 hectares from Gulhifalhu. However, President Dr. Muizzu modified the decision by affirming the land reclamation of additional 50 hectares for Giraavarufalhu and 85 more hectares from Gulhifalhu. Unveiling that Giraavarufalhu did not have the capacity to provide essential services, the ministry opened the opportunities to transfer 1,347 land plots to Gulhifalhu.

President Dr. Muizzu pledged to ensure that landowners receive their allocated land plots issued by the previous administration. Minister of Housing , Land and Urban Development Dr. Ali Haidar Ahmed further cautioned that the locations of land plots may alter due to the lack of formulating an effective land-use plan by the previous government