President affirms healthcare enhancement for residents

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has affirmed ongoing efforts to enhance healthcare services for all residents of Hulhumale' and the Greater Male' Region. He made the commitment during the "Raees ge Javaab" series, which facilitates direct public interaction with the President on diverse issues.

During the session, Mohamed Riyaz from Hulhumale' expressed concerns to President Dr. Muizzu regarding challenges in accessing healthcare services. He also cited prolonged wait times at Hulhumale' Hospital.

In response, President Dr. Muizzu underscored the government's prioritisation of bolstering the healthcare system in the Greater Male' Region. As such, he said that initiatives to enhance services at Dharumavantha Hospital and affiliated facilities are already underway.

Additionally, President Dr. Muizzu emphasised the significant population residing in Hulhumale' and stressed the need for elevating the quality of healthcare at Hulhumale' Hospital. He affirmed the government's dedication to furnishing top-tier healthcare to residents of Hulhumale' and the Greater Male' Region, including implementing a streamlined appointment system.

Advancing the healthcare system in the Maldives is a top priority of President Dr. Muizzu's administration. It includes establishing tertiary and specialised hospitals nationwide, alongside provisions for healthcare coverage under the government's universal insurance scheme, Aasandha, for treatment abroad until local services are fully operationalised.