President announces plans to develop 100 metric tonne fish processing plant

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has revealed in addition to the existing Felivaru fish processing factory, a new 100 metric tonne canned fish processing plant is set to be established. He made the remarks speaking at the 43rd Fishermen's Day celebrations.

Reflecting on promises made to fishermen in recent weeks, the President affirmed his commitment to their welfare and the development of the fishing industry. The president reiterated his commitment to fulfilling the pledges made to the public. He highlighted efforts undertaken to expand the fisheries sector during his first overseas visit since assuming office, emphasising the government's dedication to industry growth.

Further addressing fisheries infrastructure, the president announced the development of a new 100 metric tonne fish processing plant. He expressed confidence that changes in the management of the Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Limited (MIFCO) would yield positive results, with direct participation of fishermen in its operations.

President Muizzu underscored the government's commitment to appreciating and valuing local fishermen. As a significant step, the Cabinet has unanimously approved the establishment of a national register of local fishermen. This register aims to address financial and economic challenges faced by fishermen, bringing them into the formal banking system. This initiative will enable the government to provide financial assistance during low fishing seasons and support various fisheries-related activities through the banking system. The President noted that these measures are part of a broader strategy to foster the prosperity and well-being of the local fishing community.