RDC begins completion of Ameenee Magu

The Road Development Corporation (RDC) has begun the redevelopment of the unfinished segments, 12 and 13, of Ameenee Magu.

The final two parts of the 13-segment Ameenee Magu remain unfinished, prompting the resumption of redevelopment efforts on the segments. The project was officially inaugurated by RDC Managing Director Ali Zuhair.

Speaking to PSM News, Manager of Road Implementation at RDC Ibrahim Gasim conveyed that the company is striving to conclude the project within 45-50 days. He acknowledged potential delays due to adverse weather conditions and subterranean challenges, noting similar issues encountered in the preceding segments.

Additionally, Gasim revealed changes to the scope of the two segments, indicating a broader area compared to the 11 previously completed segments. He said that the expanded sections will incorporate four lanes, promising enhanced public convenience upon completion.

The Ameenee Magu redevelopment project involves paving the whole 1.7km length of Ameenee Magu with asphalt and installing a new stormwater drainage system. The project was contracted to RDC on September 12, 2022, at a price of USD5.5 million. The project was originally scheduled for completion in February this year by the previous government, but delays ensued and a subsequent deadline of September 27 was proposed. However, following the completion of segment 11 in early September, the project faced a temporary halt due to the presidential election.

Ameenee Magu is one of the busiest roads in Male’ due to the high number of office buildings and schools in the area. It is also one of the few roads that run across the length of the capital city and is the main network for utility services. The road also connects the traffic to all areas of the city but has been in poor condition for years.