Maldives to advocate for more climate-related funding

Special Envoy for Climate Change Ali Shareef has stated that the Maldives will advocate for easy access to funding to overcome the environmental damages caused by climate change. He made the remark regarding the decision by delegates at the COP28 summit in Dubai to operationalise the fund that would help compensate vulnerable countries coping with loss and damage caused by climate change.

Speaking to PSM News, Special Envoy Shareef said that the operationalization of the Loss and Damage fund on the first day of the COP28 summit gives hope to the long-standing concerns of small island nations. He also noted that the major powers have vowed to contribute to the fund, but that small countries need easy access to the funding.

Additionally, Special Envoy Shareef said it takes many years to receive assistance from existing funds and that the Maldives will advocate for easy access to the climate change related funds in the international arena. He also said that they will seek investments for President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's initiative to develop renewable energy systems capable of providing 33% of the nation's electrical needs within the next five years. The President has stated that USD600 million is needed to achieve the goal.

Regarding President Muizzu's announcement to plant five million trees across the country, Shareef highlighted the importance of planting trees for shelter in the newly reclaimed areas. As such, he said that the government will pay special attention to these issues and determine the trees to be planted when formulating development plans.