Gov't's decentralised governance helped nation thrive: President

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that the administration's decentralised governance initiatives led to substantial changes that helped the nation thrive in many areas.

Delivering his Republic Day address, President Solih underscored the substantial reforms implemented by the administration to advance decentralised governance as a means to foster development. He further asserted that a centralised governance system would stall the country’s progress.

Emphasising changes to the nation's governance, President Solih stated that decentralisation paves the way for high-quality healthcare and education nationwide. He noted the initiatives undertaken by the government to establish tertiary-level hospitals in five regions of the country as a comprehensive resolution to challenges encountered in the health sector. In this regard, he called attention to the administration’s nationwide mental health awareness initiative.

Furthermore, President Solih highlighted that the past five years saw the highest number of achievements in international tournaments in the history of Maldivian sports. He also stated that to develop team and individual sports, the administration had facilitated various trainings and promoted inclusivity by allowing the participation of all athletes without discrimination.

Highlighting the improvements made in the decentralisation of social services, President Solih stated that the administration developed state care facilities for children in the state's care in seven regions, increasing the quality of social services throughout the country. Noting the improvement in financial support for individuals with disabilities, he stated that the administration has established a comprehensive network of services helping people with disabilities get the support they need.