President announces major Thinadhoo housing initiative

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced a major initiative to address housing challenges in Thinadhoo City.

At a campaign event in Thinadhoo, President Solih initially proposed the construction of 500 housing units in the city. However, he has now unveiled plans for a more substantial project aimed at providing a major housing solution for Thinadhoo.

Additionally, President Solih revealed intentions for a land reclamation project in Thinadhoo, extending up to the Thinadhoo Lighthouse. He also outlined plans for the construction of an international airport in close proximity to Thinadhoo, as promised in his manifesto.

Furthermore, President Solih assured that no portion of Maldivian land would be owned by foreigners under his administration. He said that the constitutional amendment permitting foreign land ownership was changed by his administration to prevent land being handed over to foreign entities. Moreover, he rejected opposition claims of the presence of foreign troops in the Maldives and the alleged loss of the country's independence.