President offers new land opportunity for joint recipients

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced a new opportunity for individuals who received jointly allocated land plots to apply for land separately.

Speaking at a campaign event in Male' City, President Solih addressed concerns raised by recipients of land plots in Hulhumale, Gulhi Falhu, and Giraavaru Falhu over the past two weeks. He assured them that the government would soon hand over the land and flats to eligible recipients. He said that land allocation would adhere to existing laws, ensuring a fair and transparent process. He also reassured that individuals who received land before November 5 will receive allocations.

Additionally, President Solih pledged to provide essential services to residents before they began construction on their allocated land. He also outlined the government's plans to complete infrastructure development, including water, sewerage, electricity, and roads in Gulhi Falhu and Giraavaru Falhu within a two-year period.

Furthermore, President Solih disclosed a change in building regulations for newly allocated land, with a requirement for larger building areas. He said the government intends to construct 10-storey buildings on the land.

The government stated that it initiated the process of distributing 9,001 land plots in the Greater Male' Region after more than three decades without land allocation. The government has additionally approved the allocation of 4,000 land plots and 6,000 flats in response to the demand for housing.