Dhiyamigili Ganduvaru to be transformed to a site museum

National Centre for Cultural Heritage (NCCH) has awarded a contract to Shaadu the Builder for the transformation of Dhiyamigili Ganduvaru into site museum.

The project is valued at over USD103,700 and is expected to be completed within 60 days. The scope includes carpentry work to replicate doors and some furniture seen in historical photographs but no longer existing. In addition, the scope includes the establishment of a cafe' and souvenir shop within the premises. NCCH stated that the primary objective of the project is to offer the public information about the site's rich history.

Dhiyamigili Ganduvaru is a historic monument located in Dhiyamigili, Thaa Atoll, dating back to the 18th century. It once served as a royal palace belonging to the Dhiyamigili dynasty, which ruled the country from 1704 to 1757. The 318-year-old site occupies a plot of land measuring 34-30ft and is constructed from wood and stone.