Contract signed to build classrooms in Rathafandhoo School

Ministry of Education has contracted Future Homes Private Limited to construct six classrooms, transforming the school in Rathafandhoo, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, into a single-session school. The contractor was awarded the project worth USD564,000 to be completed within 13 months.

Salman Rasheed, who is temporarily overseeing the school, highlighted the aging infrastructure of the school and a severe lack of space. As such, he said the school aims to resolve the issue and transition from a double-session education setup to a single-session school by constructing six classrooms. He also expressed that the change will positively impact the learning experience of the students.

Rathafandhoo School currently consists of 92 students from the foundation stage to grade 10, with a teaching staff of 26, including 16 Maldivian teachers. The school faces challenges, such as a shortage of teachers for afternoon sessions due to morning schedules and concerns about providing extra classes for upper-grade students. The construction of the six classrooms is expected to address many of these issues, providing relief to teachers, students, and parents.