Gov't contracts to build extension for Gaafaru Health Centre

The Ministry of Health has contracted Evosun Maldives Private Limited for the construction of an extension building to expand the healthcare facilities in Gaafaru, Kaafu Atoll. The project to build the extension for the health centre is contracted to be completed within a year and will incur a cost exceeding USD1.5 million.

Speaking to PSM News, the Manager at Gaafaru Health Centre Ali Hashim expressed concerns about the current state of the facility. He highlighted that the health centre on the island has deteriorated over time and was originally developed through contributions from the residents of the island. He further noted that the quality of healthcare services on the island falls short of meeting the increasing demand with the growing population and the presence of numerous resorts in close proximity.

Gaafaru has a population of about 1,500 residents and it currently operates a health centre with a limited schedule of 16 hours every day. The facility is staffed by just one doctor and laboratory services are unavailable locally. As a result, samples are routinely collected and sent to the capital Male' City for further processing and testing.