RDC begins Holhudhoo road development project

Road Development Corporation Limited (RDC) has officially commenced fieldwork of the road development project in Holhudhoo, Noonu Atoll.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the project, Managing Director of RDC Moosa Ali Manik said that special attention is being given to ensure that individuals employed in connection with development projects implemented in the islands are from the area. He said that 21 employees have been employed from the island so far and the number will increase as the project progresses. He also said the development of roads in Holhudhoo has been a long-awaited project of the residents.

Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure awarded the project to RDC to be completed within one year and three months at a cost of USD4.6 million. As part of the project, asphalt will be laid on 4.3km of the road where houses and institutions are located and make the area easily accessible to the public. The road construction work also includes the installation of drainage systems and street lights.