Gov’t seeks public opinion on Male’ drainage systems project

Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure is seeking public opinion on the project to develop drainage systems in six areas of Male’ City.

The planning ministry is conducting a survey as part of the report being formulated by environmental consultancy firm Land and Marine Environment Resources Group Private Limited. The report will determine how the drainage systems would impact the communities and the environment.

The ministry stated that the project is being carried out to expand the current drainage system to solve the problem of flooding in some areas of Male’. The project involves the installation of pipes in four areas of Henveiru and two areas of Maafannu to discharge the water from the areas to the sea. The project is expected to take four months to complete.

During the survey, data will be collected on the difficulties caused by rain and the challenges residents would face when roads are closed during the project fieldwork. Some of the streets in the city are prone to rapid flooding during rain, posing challenges for drivers and pedestrians.