Vice President urges for public support for road safety

Vice President Faisal Naseem has called upon the public to actively support the efforts of authorities in ensuring road safety. He made the appeal during a ceremony held to inaugurate pedestrian traffic lights in Hulhumale'.

Addressing the attendees, Vice President Naseem highlighted the crucial role of the public in acting responsibly and adhering to traffic rules, thereby ensuring the effectiveness of road safety measures implemented by the Maldives Police Service (MPS) and other relevant authorities.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Managing Director of Urbanco Ahmed Gais acknowledged the rise in the residential population of Hulhumale' over the past five years leading to increased traffic congestion. He further expressed concern about the growing number of dangerous road accidents and emphasized that the installation of traffic lights is a significant step toward ensuring the safety of residents.

The newly installed traffic lights, powered by solar energy, are situated near the Hulhumale' Hospital and the Hiyaa flats area. Pedestrians can activate the lights by pressing a button, which initiates a red light indicating it is safe to cross the street within a specified period of time. Urbanco plans to install a total of eight traffic lights in Hulhumale' as part of their ongoing efforts to improve road safety in the area.