Maldives Ambassador to China Visits Jiangyin County

Maldives Ambassador to China, Mohamed Faisal visits companies located in the Special Economic Zone of Jiangyin County.

After visiting one of the top performing counties in China, the Maldives Ambassador highlighted the development partnership Maldives shares with China. “Being a small state does not stop Maldives from dreaming big when it comes to socio-economic advancement,” he said.

Since President Abdulla Yameen took office in 2013, Maldives has forged a close partnership with China, prompting several Chinese companies to invest in Maldives. Furthermore, the Chinese government agreed to finance the bridge project during President Xi Jinping's historic visit to the Maldives in September 2014.

The largest infrastructure project in Maldives is contracted to China's CCCC Second Harbour Engineering Company and will cost approximately $210 million, of which 94% is provided by the government of China.